Bradley Hathaway


You're pouring your love
all over me and it's
dripping off the tops
and sides and bottoms
and middles of trees
full of splendid little
busy bees about
doing your purpose
how can this be?
That you've let my
heart to see and
experience and take
in and now to sing...
sing sing sing about
your love to everybody
anybody or the somebody
that's considered a nobody
but they are special to
thee and for that I thank
thee that these things
have been shown to me.


Keep this mercy falling down down and this grace falling down down... on the top of my scalp dripping off of my nose down around my bellybutton all the way to my pinky toe cuticle that you made and for that it is cool. Sometimes I play the fool but still your love is all around, sprouting from the ground here and there and everywhere especially on this floor that I now stand. 


And how amazingly
awesome is your
plan that cannot
be thwarted by any
 man no matter how
big or strong or ugly
or evil he be, because
through you is victory.
And it's victory that I
now speak of and have
to let out of my skin
because for too long
it's been contained


Lord I praise you because you are different and efficient. And you've tweaked my spirit just enough so that I can taste and see that you truly are good. Like a fresh picked pineapple for the first time in my mouth or the warmth of your sun on the back of my not warm neck on a not warm day. I praise your named today and tomorrow and forever.

Postat av: Gabriella

Sv: Jag målade med akryl:)

(Tack för lördagen förresten <3)

2011-03-20 @ 10:13:54

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